Heniff is always looking to enhance our relationships and improve communications with our drivers, independent contractors and office staff.

We currently have a group of online services that are available to our company employees and independent contractors that will hopefully assist you. Be sure to check back in as time permits, as these services will be updated frequently, and new ones added.

Heniff Scholarship Program

Learn more info and apply for a Scholarship!

Heniff Scholarship Program - Click Here

Educational Video Series

We are regularly updating our video library to provide continual education to our drivers on new transportation technologies.

Health And Wellness
Protread Training
Expert Fuel

Insurance Benefits

Current employees can check your existing insurance benefits by logging into your driver portal.

Leasing Information

Click here to log in and view information.

Send a Message from the Web

Need to send a message to a Heniff department? Click here to send a message.

Scanning Information


Receive your Settlement Sheets by Email

Heniff provides settlement sheets by email for any professional driver wishing to receive payroll information electronically. Please follow the below links to utilize this program.

All company drivers please use the Payroll by e-mail Portal

All Independent Contractors please access Heniff’s web imaging

*all email information provided is confidential

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