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Safety Features

TruckABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

TruckSuper Single Trailer tires – Improved traction, wear life, and increased fuel economy.

Disc Brakes – Equipped on newer tractors and trailers. Improved stopping distance and brake life, low preventative maintenance costs, and are inherently self-adjusting.

TruckPeopleNet Tablet – Portable mobile communications device that includes messaging, turn by turn navigation, automated workflow, signature capture, and tractor ECM integration.

TruckStemco Tire Pressure Inflation system – Monitors tire pressure on trailer tires to maintain an optimum constant pressure to reduce tire related maintenance issues related to low pressure.

TruckMeritor Roll Stability Support system – Reduces speed and lowers lateral acceleration at rollover speed thresholds to prevent roll-over events.

TruckOn Command Connect – Real-time vehicle pro-active health monitoring

TruckAPUs – provides non-polluting and extremely low maintenance electrical power for the tractor’s sleeper cab.

TruckEsbar Heater – provides heat in cold weather conditions without needing to idle the tractor.

TruckIDSC Expert Fuel – provides intelligent routing to determine optimum fueling stops to reduce overall fuel spend.

Traction Control system – detects loss of traction and intelligently manages brakes and/or power settings.

Electronic Logs – All Heniff drivers utilize PeopleNet electronic logs.

Heniff TransFLO Mobile App – Real-time document scanning and capture

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PeopleNet Portable Tablets & SkyBitz Trailer Tracking units provide near real-time driver communications, full asset tracking, and transparent order/load visibility resulting in high customer satisfaction and service levels.

In today’s world of advanced technology, Heniff continues to focus on our number one priority: to deliver our customer’s products safely and on schedule. By continuing to re-invest and develop advanced integrated solutions, we provide our customers with state of the art value added services, and continue to focus on being an industry leader.

Modern technology is becoming the status-quo in the trucking industry. It’s now a key component on how fleets become more efficient, productive, more responsive and pro-active to their customers’ requirements. At Heniff, we leverage our integrated technology infrastructure to provide full and complete transparency from order tendering to final delivery. This information is delivered to all the parties that need the important data; from driver, shipper, consignee and internal support staff.

Interpreting and presenting this information to internal support staff and customers in a timely, accurate manner enables Heniff to leverage these integrated systems into every aspect of our operational processes. This technology directly benefits customers by providing full visibility throughout the shipping process.

Heniff also utilizes SkyBitz equipped trailers. SkyBitz is an untethered WAAS GPS trailer tracking platform that allows us to pinpoint the exact location of any trailer within a 5 minute period. The SkyBitz platform has many advanced capabilities such as the ability to define geo-fences around customer shipment and delivery locations. Automatic rules based alerting can be configured to monitor idle time, positioning, and/or entrance or departure to particular geo-fenced locations.

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NaviGo Mapping allows real-time driver assistance and takes the guesswork out of route planning, ensuring that your order arrives on time, every time.

NaviGo Mapping & Routing provide detailed directions to Heniff drivers to ensure that loads get delivered in the quickest, safest, and most efficient manner. The NaviGo system significantly reduces the time spent by our drivers to get accurate directions from point A to point B.

Every day, these systems streamline our operations and provide value added services to our customers by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary data-entry time and reducing errors by using e-Commerce solutions for load tendering, shipment status notifications, and invoicing.
  • Automated and improved dispatch processes including driver availability tracking.
  • Automatically tracking driver arrival and departure at customer facilities.
  • Automating mapping and routing instructions for Heniff drivers to reduce miles driven.
  • Enabled proactive customer service capabilities including integrated freight tracking.
  • Proactively switched to electronic logs to improve hours of service recordkeeping and compliance reporting.

Heniff e-Commerce solutions enhance our customer’s B2B processes via the following methods:

  • Full X12 EDI capabilities
  • sFTP, FTP, AS/2, XML support
  • E-mail Invoicing
  • E-mail Status Updates and load tracking capabilities
  • E-mail access to POD and shipment documents

Improving service, and ensuring safe and timely delivery of our customer’s products are just a few of the reasons why Heniff continues to invest in modern technology. These and the other components of our technology infrastructure enable Heniff to continue to develop our value added services while continuing to develop innovative solutions to our customer’s business demands.

For more information about how Heniff’s services can meet your shipping needs, contact Heniff today at 1-888-HENIFF1.

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